Hartsock Christmas

3 Hartsock boys and their 13 kids
 What does the fox say?!

 Cousins all dressed alike is always a favorite!

These cousins have so much fun when they are together!  My favorite part of Christmas this year was when the kids all sang, "What does the fox say?" with their cute furry hats!


Liddell Christmas

 Worship with cousins
My girls
My P-Love
 Kids listening to the Christmas story
 Sutton Brooks
 My Love

 Preslee love
Koop's flying eyeball
Our first Christmas to celebrate each year is the Liddell Christmas.  What a great family we have - love spending time with them and all our precious kids!

Carline FUN!

 Car line shenanigans!
 With 5 school aged children we spend lots of time waiting on each other these days!  The girls and I were waiting for the boys to get out of workout and decided to take some pics!  Love my girls!


I can't even imagine my girls not having each other!  They are completely best friends and love each other deeply and occasionally fight light sisters too!  I'm thankful for the way God ordered our family!  Love my girls!



 Winner!  Winner!
 Ready to wrestle

Daddy giving them a pep talk

 Cheering section!

 Sutton for the takedown
 Brax going for the pin

The twins first wrestling season was so much fun!  They both learned so much and were so good!  Since they wrestled 15 lbs apart they will never have to wrestle each other which is nice.  Braxton placed 2nd place in two tourneys and ended up 2nd in the region in the novice division in his weight class.  Can't wait for season #2!

Sutton and Braxton turn 9!

We love these 2!  
They are so funny and fun.  They wanted these body suits for their birthday and when I opened the package to wrap them the night before their birthday the blue one was purple (good thing Braxton is a good sport- he didn't even care.
Sutton- you are funny, smart, great artist and always looking out for others!
Braxton- you are passionate, hard working, funny and a great friend to everyone!
Happy Birthday boys - We love you!

Chickasha Lights

We picked a cold night to head to Chickasha to see the Christmas lights.  This place holds a special place in our hearts because it is where Jake asked me to marry him 15 years ago!  The kids definitely wanted us to reenact the scene while they took pictures - saying yes was one of the best choices I have ever made - who would have thought we would have 5 amazing kiddos 15 years later?!  Thankful!